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Young Adult Spotlight: Jayden Ford

Oftentimes society seems quick to pounce on young people when they seemingly aren't doing well. They may have gotten off track, gotten caught up in the street life, or otherwise not striving for their best. However, The Maldon Circulator wanted to highlight one young adult that is not only striving for his best, but is doing well and making his community proud.

(PHOTO Courtesy of TMC, Jayden Ford)

Jayden Ford is a resident of the Town Of Capitol Heights. At the young age of 21, not only is he gainfully employed by the Town, but Jayden has made history as its youngest employee.

(PHOTO: Jayden Ford stands next to Councilman Victor James, Councilman Ronald Williams at a local Town event, Jayden works on special projects)

Long term, Jayden's goal is to have a career in media. Currently, he is college student at Prince George's Community College (PGCC). While a student at PGCC, Jayden is studying Mass Communications. After he completes his Associates Degree, his plan is to attend Bowie State University and continue on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism.

While he is studying Mass Communications at PGCC, working for the local Town government, he is also employed by the school as the Editor in Chief of the student newspaper, the Owl Newspaper. As you can see, he is well on his way to success. Jayden is already working in his field of choice.

"Last term, I was the VP/Managing Editor. As the Editor in Chief this semester, it's nice to be on top," he said with a huge smile. "It's nice to be getting paid. I have learned that I can actually do this type of work. It is very doable. Managing the other students, who are not necessarily getting paid--and maybe don't see the urgency to meet deadlines like I do--sometimes is a challenge. Managing others is the tough part. Still, I enjoy the work," said Jayden.

Inspired by Jayden's work ethic, we asked to what or to whom does he accredit his drive for excellence. "My mom. She consistently is there for me, helping me with my endeavors. Also my PGCC teachers have helped me to find my way, my passion. They have helped me to see what I want to do with my life."

On behalf of The Maldon Circulator, congratulations Jayden and keep aiming for the stars!

(PHOTO Courtesy of Janice Ford's Facebook, Jayden Ford is pictured with Mayor Linda Monroe of Town of Capitol Heights)

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