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Why So Much Turnover?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

This blog discusses why there seems to be so much turnover within the hired staff of the Town of Capitol Heights. Within a relatively short amount of time, several employees are no longer working for the Town (many opting to work for neighboring municipalities).

Within the past few months, and maybe years, the following positions are either vacant or has seen some transition:

1) Chief of Police

2) Lt. Police Officer

3) Police Officers

4) Town Clerk

5) Office personnel

6) Neighborhood Services Director

7) Town Administrator

8) HR Specialist

9) Asst. Town Administrator

10) Public Works General Laborer I

11) Property Standards Authority Inspector

Relatively speaking, the current Town Administrator is a new-hire. The role is filled by Town Administrator, Beverly Habada. Administrator Habada has been employed with the Town for less than two years.

It is worth noting that these positions are important positions that ensure the Town's business gets done.

There are several factors for employees to consider when deciding where they want to work. Some of those factors are: working conditions, location, vacation/pay, and even ability to be promoted. Let's not forget, too, the impact the pandemic has had on job-seekers. Many are looking for work that they can do remotely (from the comfort of their own homes).

When employers are ranked on what attributes they have that make them a desirable place to work, several considerations are raised. "It is important for the job to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, to treat its employees fairly, to be flexible, and to value the work that its employees do. Also, no one wants to work for an employer that is unorganized and chaotic," said Josh Deans a current job-seeker who has considered applying to one of the Town's open positions.

It is well known that Silicon Valley employers have some of the most lavish perks and rank among the best places to work. Some of those employers are Google, Apple, Hewlett Packard, and even Facebook. The question is what can the Town of Capitol Heights glean from these employers to make it a better place to work? Should the Town offer more money? Should the Town offer on-site massages? Elaborate and FREE lunches? Or are there other ways that the Town could improve on how it does its onboarding, training & development? While these are great questions, one thing for sure is that they are questions that the Mayor and Council of the Town will want to explore.

At the time of this blog, the following positions within the Town are available. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIST ON THE TOWN'S WEBSITE. Any qualified and interested candidate should submit an application. You might just be the talent the Town needs.

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