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What Does It Mean to You?

Monday, January 16, 2023 is the day we acknowledge as Marin Luther King, Jr. Day. I am curious as to what it means to you? To me, it means sacrifice and service. It means perseverance and strength. It also means standing for something or falling for anything. It does not mean a day of rest. It does not mean a day of vacation. It does not mean a day off from work. Well, not to me. In fact, it means the opposite of those things.

Today, as many of you know I am in the hospital. Therefore, my ability to be out and about in the community doing community service is limited. However, what today for me will mean is putting up a fight with my nurses and my care team to allow me to walk around to every room on my hospital floor unit and check in with patients. I will be carrying some good cheer and a helping spirit. Perhaps they just need me to reach their water or bring their tables closer to them, or help sit them up in their beds. I don't know, but I have decided since I am feeling better (and I am here) in King's honor, I am going to be of service today. I hope you will join me in some way wherever you are. Be of service because as he once said, "Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve!" Today, I am choosing to serve right where I am.

Love and light.

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