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"What are you cooking?"

The simple question of, "What are you cooking," could be the beginning of a conversation that saves someone's life. As the holidays are quickly approaching, The Maldon Circulator (TMC) wanted to write about the importance of staying connected with members of the community. At church we are told to ensure we don't suffer alone. While this is not church, that principle is one worth holding near and dear.

The holidays, already, bring gloom and depression to some members of our community. Some of our neighbors have large families and will have lots of company over the next few months. Other members of our community have gracefully outlived all members of their family or otherwise don't have family that live nearby. Moreover, there are members of the community who are at odds with their family and will not have company in town for the holidays. This can all mean suffering alone, in solitude.

You're encouraged to talk with you neighbors. Ask them what their holiday plans are. A good introductory question is, "What are you cooking?" Their answer may lead to an invite to join you and your company for dinner. That one simple question might open the door for you to be someone's holiday hero.

Councilwoman Anita Anderson, new to the Town of Capitol Heights Council feels its important to check on our neighbors. "There is no reason for us to be alone. We have each other. This time of the year can present challenges, especially with all that we have been through; however, we need to be there for one another," said Councilwoman Anita Anderson.

(PHOTO Courtesy of, Councilwoman Anita Anderson)

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