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On Saturdays and Sundays in Upper Marlboro, dedicated Democrats prepare for voter engagement and build enthusiasm for the upcoming election. Some volunteers sat in the back tables of the office to call voters at home and ask them what their key issues are, while others stopped by to grab literature, signs, and walking lists of voters.

What is a coordinated campaign? Ervin Reid, a political consultant who is best known for managing Wayne Curry’s successful 1994 County Executive campaign, says that it is a party-first effort designed to help all members of the ticket.

“By having a central location for signs, literature, and to make phone calls, it is a complement to individual campaigns”, said Reid. Reid is known for emphasizing voter turnout in campaigns he works with, and spent his afternoon erecting “Vote For The Democrats” yard signs funded by the Angela Alsobrooks campaign.

Some of the volunteers who were at the campaign office this past weekend include Samuel from Glenn Dale & Vincent from Kettering, who were both excited for the opportunity of electing Wes Moore and believe in his “Leave No One Behind” agenda, and Prince George’s County Young Democrats President Rudy Anthony. Anthony attended a canvas launch with Delegate Jazz Lewis of the 24th District and School Board general election nominee Branndon Jackson, noting that direct voter contact should be emphasized because “it creates more informed voters”. During his prep for the canvassers, Delegate Lewis gave tips for canvassing that included shaking the gates before opening them (to avoid dogs in yards) and using the buddy system to make sure everyone is as safe as possible before giving out joint literature of the Democratic nominees.

The Prince George’s County Coordinated Campaign HQ is located at 1101 Mercantile Lane in Upper Marlboro.

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