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Transition Center at Prince George's House Capitol Heights

Capitol Heights is home to the only transition center for men who are experiencing homelessness in Prince George’s County. The facility holds 36 beds, with 24 beds designated for 60 day emergency shelter and 12 beds for one year of transitional shelter. In order to qualify, individuals must call the Homeless Hotline (301-864-7095) and are on a first come, first serve basis. Proof of residence and valid identification are required, and additional documents such as an eviction notice or paystub may be required to be placed in a shelter.

(PHOTO Shelter Prince George's Shelter Capitol Heights)

Reverend Kenneth Clark has been donating food and resources to the Men’s Shelter throughout the pandemic, and he has noticed several persistent issues that deteriorate quality of life for residents. In particular, lack of access to food and inability to store food have remained issues for residents. Past images taken by Clark of the Men’s Shelter have shown poorly insulated windows and damaged stairs on the interior.

Despite these issues, he said there have been some improvements made over time. A TV was installed,, bottled water is delivered every week through a community partner, pest control has improved, and shower facilities have been fixed. Most important is community showing the residents that they matter, and that is provided by multiple church groups.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, Rock Church provides a variety beverage delivery that includes sports drinks, canned soda, and Gatorade and Breath of Life Come As You Are Ministry provides either catered meals from nearby restaurants or provides homemade hot meals. Each man is given a journal to take notes in, there is 15 to 20 minutes of motivational speaking, and spiritual needs can be met through Bibles and Qurans that are given out.

During the primary election, County Executive candidate Tonya Sweat was seen multiple times at the Men’s Shelter to distribute food and beverages, and residents were extremely appreciative of the support shown.

If anyone would like to visit or donate to the Men’s Shelter, it is located at 603 Addison Road South in Capitol Heights and the contact number is (301) 808-5317

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