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Town of Capitol Heights Civic Association: Open Letter

Dear Members of the Community,

I am James Brown, the President of the Town of Capitol Heights Civic Association. I welcome everyone to take part in the Town of Capitol Heights Civic Association.

The purpose of the Association is to promote the general welfare of the community we love, our Town. We do this via community projects and by holding our elected officials accountable.

Join us at our next meeting on December 3, 2022. We will get started with our winter programming and projects. With each project, each program, and each campaign we take on--our goal is to make each member of the community proud to live here, to work here, and/or to play here.

The prospect and opportunity to be part of an organization that can help move this town forward towards a better tomorrow, truly does excite me. Would you like to join us? For more information, please reach out to me directly and I will orient you. You can contact me by emailing


James Brown, M.B.A., PMP, President

Town Of Capitol Heights Civic Association


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