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There are two types of people. One, is the type that will see a problem and complain about it. The second type of person is one that will see a problem and take action to correct it. Ms. Jeanette Brandon falls within the latter category. After noticing some service gaps witihn the community, Brandon set out to create an organization that could do something to help out; the organization is called Together We Can (TWC).

(PHOTO Courtesy of TWC, Brandon with a local public servant officer at TWC event)

In a selfless effort to make the world a better place, Brandon founded TWC.

The foundation is organized as a non-profit where its purpose is to be helpful by "bridging gaps within Prince George's County and to form alliances where we are actually working together for the common good," explains Brandon.

Brandon formed TWC in July 2022 specifically to provide assistance to (and for) senior citizens and to share resources with anyone in need. One of organization's main projects has been domestic violence awareness. TWC does its advocacy work by providing educational opportunities, community programming, and by hosting events aimed at shedding light on the topic which is not commonly addressed within society.

(PHOTO Courtesy of TWC, pictured is Brandon, States Attorney Aisha Braveboy and other community leaders from a recent TWC event)

(PHOTOS Courtesy of TWC, members attending a TWC event)

As a bold community activist, Brandon is not new to standing up for the community. As an individual, she is routinely praised and applauded for her advocacy work. It is no surprise that her local-based organization seeks to positively impact the community. "While we are headquartered in Suitland, the organization is far reaching. We are impactful throughout the entire Prince George's County--and beyond. We have began expansion into other areas as well. For example, we are working on the Eastern Shore, but also in New Jersey. Our goal is to reach as many people as we can," Brandon told TMC.

Congratulations to Brandon for her work and if you'd like to support her organization's efforts philanthropically or by way of service, you can reach her by calling 301-379-2491.

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