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The Fair Comes to Town!

This past weekend, there was a fair for Prince Georgians at the Equestrian Center in

Upper Marlboro. The cool weather and open spacing was perfect fair weather that drew Prince Georgians young and old, some for the first time and some for the 30th in a row. Each parking lot was packed upon arrival. So much so, that many attendees parked in an overflow lot for County vehicles and walked for several minutes to get inside.

We were greeted by lines at the coupon machines at the entrance for those who wanted

to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl, the Ferris Wheel, the carousels, and the other rides. For lovers of

carnival food, there were multiple fair food stands selling favorites like funnel cakes, hot dogs, slushies, and memorabilia cups of lemonade and sweet tea.

The longest lines inside were definitely for the face painting booth, with over a dozen

families with small children. Many teens from Prince George’s were present, with this being one of the most publicly available outings amid the recently-implemented youth curfew.

Lined up along the entrance and before the rides and food stands were information

stands for Park and Planning, T-Mobile, Carefirst, Maryland National Guard, PG Police Athletic League, and several vendors. At the outskirts of the event, live music blasted from a stage for fair attendees seated nearby to eat, rest, and cool down.

Cynthia Hamilton of Clinton, MD is a frequent fair attendee. She has lived in Prince

George’s for 32 years and attended the fair every year, excluding the years it was canceled for

COVID. She has no plans to miss the fair this year or any other year, and is a strong fan of the funnel cake. This year, she came with her friend Michelle Dunn.

Jennifer & Warren Palmer, who moved from Largo to Clinton, came out with their

children to the fair on Saturday evening. Not sure what rides to try out, they were enjoying

Boardwalk fries and drinks and planned to get a funnel cake before they left.

The Prince George’s Fair is an annual happening and if you missed it this year, you can

always come next year!

Richard D. Elliott

Contributing Writer

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