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Rainbow Child Development Center: REOPENS

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Today, Saturday, October 22, 2022 at 1:00pm, the Rainbow Child Development Center hosted a community event to commemorate the re-opening of its Capitol Heights location. The Child Development Center was founded by Kim Mitchell Butler 31 years ago.

(PHOTO Courtesy of TMC, Kim Mitchell Butler, Founder)

At the opening of the event, Butler told attendees how important it was for her to obey the voice of God. "I went to Amherst College to major in English and George Washington for Business. I was on my way to Law School. I wanted to be a lawyer. However, one day at church, the pastor preached on being of service to others, that we are not here for ourselves. I vowed to allow my life to be totally directed by Him," said Butler. "I committed to serve Him--and if that meant sweeping the streets, I would be the best street sweeper I could be."

The program has the support of local elected officials because of the benefit it brings to the community. "I am excited about what this center means for our community. I have had several talks with Ms. Butler. I love that her program is designed to help kids in the community. It's a great idea. The STEM component of her program will really help ou5 school-aged kids

," said Councilwoman Latonya Chew.

(PHOTO Courtesy of TMC, Kim Mitchell, founder talks with Latonya Chew, Councilwoman)

The event featured a moon bounce, games, food, inside tours of the center, freshly-popped popcorn, and even a mini-play-golf course for the kids. First Baptist Church of Capitol Heights pastor, Reverend Dugger was onsite as the event's Mister of Ceremony. "We are proud of the impact the center has made. We are in support of what Rainbow Child Development Center brings to the community," said Rev. Dugger.

(PHOTOS Courtesy of TMC, Activities at Child Development Center Re-Opening)

Maria Campbell (co-founder and Director of Admissions) was proud of the legacy that the center has. "We have been in existence for over 30 years," she said. "We closed our doors to the Capitol Heights location in March and we're proud to be re-opening this location. Our hours of operation are 6:30am to 6:00pm and we have before and after care, a preschool program, and a STEM component."

(PHOTO Courtesy of TMC, Rev. Dugger talks with co-founder Maria Campbell)

As a math teacher for Prince George's County Public Schools for 14 years, Kristian Bovell (the Math Lab founder) brings a wealth of value to the Child Development Center. "I have always been good at math. With the math lab, we are able to give students the extra support and education that they deserve," Bovell told TMC.

(PHOTO Courtesy of TMC, Kristian Bovell-Math Lab Director)

The event attracted local elected officials (Mayor Monroe, Councilwoman Anita Anderson, Councilwoman Amanda Anderson, and Councilwoman LaTonya Chew). Also present were several members of the community. One resident, Chris Monroe, the son of Mayor Linda Monroe, and a recent Bowie State University graduate had great things to say about the center. "The center is really nice. It adds great value to the community. I even like what they have done today by hosting this community event. A really nice touch," said Chris Monroe--who majored in Broadcast Journalism at Bowie State.

(PHOTOS Courtesy of TMC, Pictured Chris Monroe, Members of the community, and Councilwomen Amanda, Chew, and Anita)

During her remarks, Mayor Linda Monroe made it a point to mention how proud she was of the contributions the center has made and will continue to make within the Town.

(PHOTOS Courtesy of TMC, Mayor Monroe and Founder Kim Butler at ribbon cutting for grand re-opening)

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