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NACA: Homeownership is within Your Reach

As difficult as it may seem to believe, home ownership is within your reach. There are programs that are available to help you. One, that I want to highlight today is NACA. It stands for Neighborhood Association Corporation of America. NACA is not your traditional mortgage lending company. In fact, it is a 501C(3) that has its own long and rich history. It culminates today into an organization that has garnered billions of dollars from, among other places, corrupt businesses to help level the playing field for low to moderate income-earners. In other words, people who may not otherwise qualify for a traditional loan from a bank, can go through NACA's program to realize their dream of homeownership. The organization doe snot require perfect credit, there are no closing cost, no downpayment and, in many cases, new homeowners pay below market interest rate.

It is not an overnight process and it requires some work on behalf of the mortgage seeker. However, it is feasible and can help individuals own a property and not just rent a property forever. The process includes about 10 steps. The first step in the process is for the home seeker to attend a homebuyer's workshop. At this approximately 4-hour workshop participants can get their questions answered and discover how they too can be on their way to being a homeowner.

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My favorite aspect of the non-profit is that it took on some very notable banking organizations and business corporations that pushed unfair predatory lending practices. It shows that there is power in numbers. It is good that an organization like NACA exist to stand up for the rights of people and communities by not only advocating, but also helping people own homes and--in some cases--refinance their homes so that they can afford to stay in them.

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