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It's Your Special Day: November

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

This month, my biological mother turns another year old. God has really blessed her. Life has not been perfect (or without its struggles), but God's been good. On November 15, mom is celebrating another birthday. Pearline McClure, Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart!

Well, well, well...we have arrived at the next to last month of the year. Congratulations to all of us for making it here. There are some amazing Maldon Circulator community members that I would like to celebrate with a very Happy Birthday greeting this month:

Councilman Michael Clifford, 11/20

Jill Sege, 11/2

Monica James, 11/28

Leverne Jones, 11/28

Lisa Napper, 11/13

Deborah Mays, 11/26

Elaine Kitts, 11/23

Ola Midget, 11/01

D Smith, 11/01

Richard Dodson, 11/26

Helen Walker, 11/01

Harvey Holmes, 11/30

Krla Lawrence, 11/21

William Reyes, 11/08

Leslie Hairston, 11/21

Gwendolyn Williams, 11/23

Teewa Akers, 11/08

Lionel Rhue, 11/01

Warnett Barnes, 11/11

To our Scorpio and Sagittarius friends, hopefully you will celebrate all month long. Get some rest and let someone pamper you, you deserve it.

As always, we recognize The Maldon Circulator doesn't have everyone's birthday. If your special day falls within the month of November and we don't have it in our records, please send us an email so we can add it. We'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday. You can email .

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