Honoring You (October 2022)

Updated: Oct 8

Welcome to the beginning of another month. It's amazing how fast the year has gone by, right? This article is where The Maldon Circulator (TMC) takes a moment to celebrate you. The following are names of people celebrating this month. If we've missed your name, please send us an email (Maldon@ShawnMaldon.com) so we can add your special day to our directory.

Everyone's birthday is special. I would, however, like to give an extra special birthday shout out to my big brother, Patrick Maldon (10/07). I am told that when I was a baby, he would stand guard by my crib and "make sure I was safe." :-)

From Shawn Maldon and on behalf of TMC, Happy Birthday to all the Libras and Scorpios!

Councilwoman Faith T. Ford 10/18

Councilwoman Evelyn Grimes 10/06

Dr. Jasmin "Jazz" Scurlark 10/08

Michael Grady 10/13

Mary Brenice Robinson 10/4

Renee Fairchild 10/22

Frances Graham 10/05

Deron Hogan 10/10

Jessica Helm 10/12

Frances Robinson 10/27

Ahesh Hector 10/02

Walter Huggins 10/20

Malik Grant 10/15

Tony Tarpley 10/11

Michael Dislaver 10/

Lakeisha Wooden 10/26

James Moore 10/04

Sheri Pittman 10/04

Tawanna Thomas 10/20

Maritza Torres 10/15

Luis Lopez 10/05

Terry Joyner 10/26

Larry S. 10/04

C. Lewis 10/30

Shawntae Briggs 10/28

Willa Hamer 10/07

Bertha McKenzie 10/11

Mary J. Robertson 10/21

Rebecca Ayodele 10/26

Aja H. 10/09

Josh Deans 10/01

Juan Vara 10/09

Jennifer Vara 10/13

Juan Brock 10/10

Foman III 10/27

Dezirae Montgomery 10/16

Petrina Williams 10/10

Breo Hawkins 10/07

Marc Joseph 10/21

LJ Ford 10/07

Make sure you take some time during this month and celebrate your life, friends, and community! We are celebrating with you.

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