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This is the last month of 2022. Guess we need to start practicing writing 2023. It's coming no matter if we like it or not!

Below are some amazing December birthday gals and guys! If you see them out and about, wish them a very happy birthday:

Councilw0man-Elect Krystal Oriadha 12/03

Councilwoman Rhonda Akers 12/07

Councilwoman Renita Cason 12/24

Councilwoman Elaine Williams 12/05

Joanne Ash 12/15

S Dodson 12/12

Margaret Dunningan 12/29

Ashone Maddox 12/31

Larry Bradley, Jr. 12/18

Danielle Carpenter 12/27

Christine Crawford 12/21

Katherine Watson 12/25

Devantez Blackwell 12/08

Carlisle Anthony 12/18

LaShawn Lucas-White 12/16

Claudia Williams 12/01

Christella Spry 12/26

Curtis Gaskins 12/22

Anthony Millard 12/29

Marcia Sandifer 12/19

Patricia Wiggins 12/04

Jumoke Bishop 12/10

Maya Johnson 12/28

Keondra Johnson 12/07

This is also my birthday month (Shawn Maldon). On December 20, 2022, I will turn 37 years old. Just in case you wanted to send me a dollar for every year old I will be, my CashApp is $TheMaldonBrand

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