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Charles County is the Wealthiest Black County, not Prince George's County

I recently re-read an article by Tracee Wilkins of News4. There, she discusses how Charles County became the wealthiest predominantly black county in the US surpassing Prince George's County.

Prince George's County has held the title of most affluent African American County for an enormous time. However, among other things, due to the pandemic and increase in TW schedules (for those that don't know-that stands for "Telework") more and more people prefer to live out where one can get more "bang for their buck." Greater land, more space, larger homes, and all at lower costs.

"Growing up I spent a lot of time on the borders (Prince George's County and Charles County). It is great that Charles County is getting this kind of influx. It's going to mean great things for the county," said Councilmember Todd Nock of Pocomoke, Maryland.

(PHOTO Courtesy of Todd J. Nock)

It is possible that many people don't even recognize the shift. When things have been a certain way for such a long time, it's hard sometimes for people to digest. Then again, what impact would people feel? Is there a true impact? Would bragging rights be the only thing that's lost? For Prince Georgians, how did carrying the title of the richest, black county even make a difference?

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