An Interview: Jain for governor

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

In her hit song, Party Beyonce 'sings' it all: "...I may be young, but I'm ready!" Ashwain Jain of College Park, MD can probably attest to her sentiment wholeheartedly. Running for governor at the ripe, young age of 31, if elected, would make Jain the youngest person to ever secure Maryland's highest political seat. In our interview, we found that, if elected, that would not be the only thing he could mark down as far as a first for Maryland's most powerful seat . Jain would also be the state's first minority to assume the office.

Exclusively on behalf of The Maldon Circulator (TMF), I sat down with Jain to pick his brain, his intentions, and well, his experiences. First, I asked him to humor me a little:

TMF: So, humor me. Let's see your creativity here. Share with me 3 truths and one lie. I will have to figure out which one is the lie. Go!


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