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Abolish Office Of Mayor: Update

POLITICS CAN BE NASTY. As you may know 4 of my Town's Councilmembers (Chew, Brown, Williams and Akers) created legislation to abolish the office of the mayor until the end of my term (one year left) and to appoint/re-assign duties until the next election. To do this, they spent taxpayers dollars to have the Town attorney draft a charter amendment, they did this instead of simply following the charter's existing provisions (for removing an elected official from office). The existing provision--to remove an elected official--requires some finding of actual wrongdoing (malfeasance, misfeasance, or something). The new provision just sought to abolish the office altogether so they could appoint, re-assign duties to someone else.

To fight back and in response to this charter amendment by these 4 councilmembers, I turned to the people. To put the charter amendment to a vote of the people (referendum), the law requires 20% of registered voters/residents to sign a petition. I got well over that number. I only needed 580 signatures (according to the County Board of Elections) and 602 (according to the Town). I turned in about 720 signatures. The reason I say politics can be nasty is because after I turned in these signatures, the Town reported to me that about 17 pages of signatures have gone missing. They have said they can only find 595 signatures (which by the way is only 7 signatures from the number that they require anyway). 595 does not include the 24 signatures of residents that ATA Miller (and perhaps other members of the council) went to ask signers to remove their signature from the petition. Which I have never heard getting residents to withdraw their signature from a petition. It's like a reverse petition. At this point it's all a bit messy.

I am at peace because I did fight hard: I went door-to-door during a world-wide pandemic and got several-hundred signatures so that residents' voice could be heard. It might sound easy, but trust me, it was not. Still, those same 4 councilmembers recently voted to NOT accept the signatures. According to the Town, the office of mayor is therefore abolished effective May 7, 2021.

I want to take this opportunity to say, thank you so much to all the residents who stood up and spoke out. I believed and I still believe that only voters should remove an elected official unless there is a bonafide finding of wrongdoing (at it should happen at the polls).

Working on behalf of residents of the Town Of Capitol Heights has been a true joy and pleasure. This political move by these councilmembers will not stop that. I remain at your service.

What's Next:

1) Currently my attorneys are still pursuing the illegality, these unlawful actions by the council.

2) I founded the Town of Capitol Heights Civic Association, Inc. (TCHCA) for the purpose of continuing the good community work. We have a great team of motivated citizens --and we don't get paid for this work. It's a labor of love. Please connect with us as we continue to uplift the community.

3) The Maldon Foundation Corp. (TMF) is another non-profit that seeks to uplift the community and currently a scholarship is being offered to graduating seniors.

4) Feel free to reach out to me with any concerns, questions, or even to collaborate:

Your's in service,

Shawn Maldon

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