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Open Letter to Town Residents

Dear residents,

As you know, I was elected mayor in Town of Capitol Heights in 2018. My term would naturally end the first week in May 2022. However, 4 councilmembers (Latonya Chew, Caroline Brown, Elaine Williams and Rhonda Akers) voted to suspend me from office. They make some very false accusations. If there seems to be interest, I will post very specific and detail account addressing the allegations. I am considering also hosting a scheduled FB live to discuss this further.

I debated if I would even make a written statement or not. While I don’t like the drama and I think it detracts from the reason I sought public office in the first place, I pride myself on being transparent. That is why I also provided Channel 7 an interview once approached by Justin Hinton, anchor.

As of March 15, 2021, beyond suspending me, the same 4 councilmembers voted to temporarily abolish the office of the mayor altogether until the end of my term (in essence oust me) and to appoint/re-assign someone else as chair.

My attorney and I feel that this is unlawful and an attempt at voter suppression. Without any evidence of wrongdoing, 4 councilmembers should not be able to overturn the votes of residents. Therefore, we will fight back to the full extent of the law. Further, I have embarked on a journey going door-to-door (asking residents to sign a petition to send a clear message to the council).

This is all unfortunate and it really does not do the community any good. However, I want you to know that I will continue to fight hard for you no matter the outcome. For example, I recently founded the Town of Capitol Heights Civic Association (TCHCA).

Take a moment to check out the Association's website by clicking the link above. You can also click HERE. The purpose of TCHCA is to bring the local government back into alignment and working for and with its people through increased citizenry engagement. Currently, there is a huge disconnect and members of the local body are blindly legislating (or not even legislating at all).

I happily make myself available to all residents if you have further questions:


Shawn Maldon

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