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A Little This, A Little That

This post is a bit of a strange one, to be honest, it's me playing catchup. I fell behind for obvious reasons. I apologize. Therefore, it is my attempt to catchup so here goes:

Christmas Tree Fun

Well, Christmas is officially over. Hopefully, you enjoyed? Last year, 2022, The Maldon Circulator hosted a Christmas Tree decorating contest just to get folks motivated to get those trees up. We offered 100 dollars to the winning tree. We wanted to share who won and display their tree. Below, see resident Amanda Anderson's first tree. Congratulations Ms. Anderson. We hope that the $100 came in handy. "Thank you. I appreciate the token. This Christmas tree is a humble tree that was passed down to me by my mom-mom," said Amanda. Amanda Anderson distributes free food to the community and if anyone would like to join her list, please email her directly at

(Resident Amanda Anderson and her $100 Christmas Tree).

January 2023 Birthdays

Happy belated Birthday to some and just good ole Happy Birthday to the others. This is your month, I hope you make the best of it. We are celebrating with you all month long:

Councilwoman Caroline Brown 1/09

Londrie Harold 1/29

Melanie Murdock 1/25

D. Day 1/08

Oluwole Akinnunuoye 1/31

Nekeisha Hall 1/14

Jaqueline Blake 1/01

Shawuetin Butler 1/24

Allyan Upshur 1/23

Griselda Chicas 1/30

Charles Lucas 1/10

Robert Ambush 1/13

Brandi Williams 1/25

Elaine Scott 1/20

Chalani Munthali 1/30

Kennard Butler 1/29

Andre Holland 1/04

Mary Suggs 1/12

Vanessa Paredes 1/06

Melvin Brown 1/06

Leon Smith 1/04

Tito Ajuilar 1/21

Wayne Gregory 1/11

Arianas Rice, Jr. 1/21

Justin Hanson 1/06

Frank White 1/13

From your The Maldon Circulator to you, Happy Birthday Friends!

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