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A Ceremony To Remember: Medal of Valor

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Exactly two days shy of one year ago on October 8, 2021, a horrific incident took place in the Town of Capitol Heights. At the Town's senior living complex, Gateway Village, a disgruntled resident took frustrations regarding center staff into his own hands: personnel were shot and killed.

As soon as I heard what happened, I sent out correspondence to the community so people could shelter-in-place and be safe. CLICK HERE to view that email. The incident made major news and you can read the news coverage linked in the email.

Today, the Town Of Capitol Heights Police Department. led by acting Chief Morgan, held a ceremony honoring the brave public servants who responded to the incident back on October 8, 2021. "Lt. Benny MCrimmon, Sgt. Andre Lyles, and Ofc. Andrew Thomas are those brave servants who received the VALOR award," said Acting Chief Morgan. The pictures below are photos that attendees to today's Medal of Valor Award Ceremony submitted to The Maldon Circulator (TMC).

The ceremony began with the mayor's welcome to attendees. "Sincerely, I would like to give a heartfelt welcome to everyone who is here today, it means a lot not just to me but to the staff and to the Town," said Mayor Linda Monroe.

Along with several seniors and other Town residents, in attendance at today's recognition were several community leaders, such as, Mayor Monroe, Councilwoman Latonya Chew, Councilwoman Amanda Anderson, Councilman Victor James, State Delegate Jazz Lewis, State Delegate Andrea Harrisson, Prince George's County Asst. Chief, former Town Of Capitol Heights Chief of Police Mark Cummings and several local and neighboring police officers, such as from Seat Pleasant, MD--as well as other Capitol Heights Town staff. Also a special thanks is due to Acting Chief Morgan for facilitating the entire event.

The recipients of the Medal of Valor truly deserve the award and recognition. "These men in the face of danger, without regard to their own safety, came in here [Gateway Village] made entry, assessed the scene and probably curtailed more lost lives," commented former Chief of Police Mark Cummings.

After the event, The Maldon Circulator caught up with one of the Town's attending Councilmembers.. "These officers faced an unknown situation fearlessly. In doing their job, which is to serve and protect our residents, they moved swiftly and safeguarded a dangerous situation. They are definitely deserving of the honor and recognition," said Councilmember Victor James.

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